Vmware Tap Agreement

Partner Connect users are not able to change or delete contacts from the partner account. Please send these requests to tapalliance@vmware.com. Your TAP extension cycle will begin on your extension date and will remain open for a period of 45 days. Note that you can no longer extend before the renewal date. During the 45-day extension cycle, you lose no benefits and your membership fee and range of solutions will remain intact. Renewal notifications are sent to the main contact 30-60 and 90 days before the extension, which will give you enough time to prepare the payment and verify the new TAP agreement. On the renewal date, the extension link is available and you can begin the extension process. The renewal process consists of three steps: the acquisition of a VMware Field Verification is the final step towards a new TAP level. Once you have met all other TAP requirements, you send a E-Mail-tapalliance@vmware.com to initiate the field verification process. The TAP team will contact a member of our field team to look for outstanding partnership issues that need to be resolved before the upgrade can be completed. Partners can indicate the name of a foreign service leader as a point of contact if they wish the TAP team to advertise potentially. – NFR Licenses – Access to Technical Certifications and Validations – TAP Alliance support aka tapalliance@vmware.com – TAP Tech Support – Co-Branding Marketing Collateral Templates If additional licenses are added to the NFR bundle, the partners` main contact can view them through the Partner Portal OnDemand NFR.

If you have any questions, please contact tapalliance@vmware.com. Please contact tapalliance@vmware.com if you have any questions about membership or renewals. Please send an email vmcisv@vmware.com. A team member will inquire with information about the entry. Partners who already have employees with existing VCP certifications can apply to taptech@vmware.com to begin completing this program application. To request an app for a personalized press release, contact tapcollateral@vmware.com. Any press release that mentions VMware must receive final authorization prior to publication. Find out how Redis Labs gives you this advantage with redislabs.com.

Partners receive discounts on training and certifications? . . Our extensive alliance program will help you create new opportunities and grow your business quickly. We offer a number of benefits to facilitate this growth. . What kind of technical assistance is available to TAP members? – All Benefits for Advanced Rates – Mobile Alliance Management Support – My VMware Licensing Support – Additional NFR Licensing Support – Sponsorship and Executive Engagement – Additional Marketing and Marketing Opportunities For a full list of benefits and complementary services available for each level, see VMware`s TAP program guide. Do the additional licenses that will be added to NFR`s on-demand partner portal include product support? The Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program provides hardware and software vendors with the tools and resources they need to create and deliver their solutions on vMware infrastructure. Partners can develop, test, integrate, certify/validate and package products with VMware products and services, and then present their common solutions to our common customers on VMware Marketplace. Engage with VMware to increase customer acceptance of common solutions on the market. The level of partnership is determined by the highest badge of the partner.