Windows 7 End User License Agreement

Flip through the folder list and double-click on the one that matches the print version of Windows installed on your computer. When the folder is opened, it contains a single file called a license.rtf. This file is the license agreement for your Windows version and you can double-click on it to view it in Wordpad or Word when it is installed. If you are a Vista user who is experiencing the same problem, the same correction should be bypassed. Now that we know which version of Windows we`re going to run, we can open the folder that contains all the licensing agreements for this version of Windows. To do this, click the Windows button () and click the R button to open the Run dialog box as shown below. 13. Third-party applications. Some third-party applications may be included in this software or downloaded with this software. Zebra does not provide any information about these applications. With Zebra having no control over these applications, the licensee acknowledges and accepts that Zebra is not responsible for these applications.

The taker expressly acknowledges and accepts that the use of third-party applications is done solely at the risk of the taker and that any risk of unsatisfactory quality, performance, precision and effort rests with the licensee. The licensee accepts that Zebra is not liable or liable, directly or indirectly, for damages or losses, including, but not only, damage or loss of data caused by or in connection with the use or trust in the content, products or services of third parties available on or by such an application. The licensee recognizes and accepts that the use of a third-party application is governed by the terms of use of a third-party provider, a license agreement, a confidentiality policy or any other agreement, and that any personal information or data that the taker knowingly or unknowingly provides to such a third-party provider is subject to the privacy policy of such a third-party provider. , as long as such a policy is available. ZEBRA DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR DISCLOSING INFORMATION OR OTHER THIRD-PARTY PRACTICES. ZEBRA EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY REGARDING WHETHER LICENSEE`S PERSONAL INFORMATION IS CAPTURED BY ANY THIRD-PARTY APPLICATION PROVIDER OR THE USE TO WHICH SUCH PERSONAL INFORMATION MAY BE PUT BY SUCH THIRD-PARTY APPLICATION PROVIDER.